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TCPC Annual Meeting - Board Elections

4:30 pm on Saturday October 9th, 2021

Champions Hall

7000 Washington Ave So.

Eden Prairie, MN

4:30 pm - Free Open Play Pickleball - 5 Courts

6:00 pm - Meeting Begins - Elect 3 new board members for 2 year terms

Appetizers courtesy of TCPC & cash bar

Please email to RSVP by October 4th, 2021

3 Nominees for the TCPC Board this year.

Joan Anderson, Eden Prairie

I have been playing Pickleball for about four years. I currently serve as the Eden Prairie City Representative for TCPC. The mission of fostering an inclusive pickleball community and providing opportunities for skill development and competition speak loudly to me. I am a professional educator with degrees in Physical Education, Health, Coaching; and a Master’s Degree in Psychology of Coaching from the University of Minnesota. My experience as a high school teacher and coach, College Assistant Professor, and University Head Women’s Basketball Coach has given me valuable teaching and administrative skills. I have taught many different age groups, worked with professional athletes and administrators, and served on national committees. I value relationships, communication, organization, and professional and respectful conduct.

Tawni Traynor, Apple Valley

I started playing pickleball in 2019 and also got involved with Twin Cities Pickleball Club that same year. With a background in website technology and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, I was able to build a new website for TCPC and a CRM database to manage their memberships. I also helped with running the 2019 annual tournament at Westwood Park with John Barber. 2020 was a quiet year for everyone as we all know. During the summer of 2021, I was excited to get back into playing pickleball and building the pickleball community. I updated the website and started a weekly ladder league which helped players meet other players with similar skill sets. I live in Apple Valley and 8 brand new pickleball courts just got built and it is walking distance from my home. I enjoy open play at Quarry, Red Oak and Dodd Trail. Now I am excited to build a fun group at Johnny Cake!

LaRae Templeton, Lakeville

Pickleball has become a significant part of my life since moving to Minnesota 3 years ago. In my role as Pickleball Coordinator at LifeTime Fitness in Lakeville, I have grown their Pickleball program through open play, leagues, and instruction. I am a Certified Level 1 Instructor. This summer I taught lessons for the City of Lakeville and Bloomington, and I also partnered in Pickleball Pioneers teaching skills & drills with David Dutrieuille, Taylor Uhl, & Chelsea Kerrison. In the past I served as the City of Lakeville’s director for the Pan-O-Prog and Fall Classic tournaments. I look forward to being an ambassador for the sport in the Twin Cities.

Twin Cities Pickleball Club – Board of Director Job Description

Board of Directors of Twin Cities Pickleball Club (TCPC) is a "hands-on, working Board" whose purpose is to administer a 600+ member nonprofit organization dedicated to providing value to its members and supporting the growth and development of pickleball in the Twin Cities.

While each Board member is expected to provide input as to the development of the Club, they are also expected to participate on a working basis in one or more of the following areas:

Communications Legal Events Outreach Facilities Skill Development Finance Tournaments Ladders Web Site

Typical activities undertaken by individual Board members have included:

  • Attending monthly meetings

  • Negotiating contracts, financial & facility agreements

  • Record minutes of Board meetings

  • Recruiting new members

  • Contacting other organizations about working together

  • Running tournaments, leagues, ladders that operate throughout the year

  • Developing and implementing a plan to manage player skill development

  • Planning & operating a variety of events throughout the year

  • Operating the reservation system at Champions Hall

  • Recruiting, training and communicating with "City Reps" who are Club's liaisons to our members and to metro park & recreation departments

  • Gathering information to keep Club's website, newsletter, email, and Facebook communication channels updated and constantly refreshed

  • Advertising and promoting the club

  • Keeping accounting record on Quicken

  • Filing required legal documents

  • Recruiting volunteers to support tournaments, events and other activities of the Club

The workload of a Board member may vary considerably, but in some months more than 5 hours of work is required.



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