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Referee Clinics at Life Time - Eden Prairie POSTPONED

Referee Clinic

with USAPA Certified Referee Alan Roemen

When: Next Clinic TBD once meeting Life Time reopens

Where: Life Time Athletic 755 Prairie Center Dr, Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Cost: FREE!!

Description: This clinic will teach you the ins and outs of a referee’s on-court responsibilities and how to successfully manage a Pickleball match!

The clinic is up to 2 hours of practical training on the courts. During this clinic, you will:

  • Learn how to score a match the correct way, do the player orientation/briefing before the match, conduct timeouts and keep control of the match. Of key importance, you will also learn how to recognize stacking and what to look for to recognize right side, right server issues.

  • Demonstrate on the courts what was learned in the virtual classroom setting. While one of the attendees will referee a match and the remainder attendees will score the same match until their time to be the referee. Each attendee will rotate through the referee position in a low-stress learning environment. Between the virtual classroom and on-court sessions, each attendee will score the equivalent of approximately three games

Who Should Attend: Everyone who wants to know the rules better and wants to know the basics of refereeing to help make pickleball tournaments successful. Becoming a referee not only will help give you an edge in your personal game but will give you an opportunity to give back to the sport to help it grow.

We also need players! Please register to attend as a player if you're willing to come play for a couple of hours so those learning to ref a game can get some real experience.




  • The Referee Handbook will be the ‘lesson plan’ for the clinic, so please become familiar with it before coming to the clinic. The Referee Handbook can be downloaded from the USAPA website,, under the Rules and Referee tab, via the Referee Materials link. In order to download it and other materials, including the required test(s), each attendee will have to register as a member of USAPA and have a member number.  If you are not a member of USAPA, contact me to request a copy of the handbook.

  • Complete one test before the clinic. Under the same Rules and Referee tab used to access the Referee Materials, select the link named Rules Tests. Each attendee should take the REFEREE TEST. If desired, you may also take the Line Judge Knowledge Review, and the Players Test. These are easy to complete, are graded immediately, and will give you a feeling for how well you know the rules before the class.

  • Watch the Quick Start Referee Video available on the USAPA Website under the Rules and Referees tab and then click Referee Training Tools. Or go to it at this website:

Future Referee Clinics:

April 5th 10am-12pm at Life Time Athletic in Eden Prairie



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