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Help others learn the game of Pickleball!!

Volunteer Instructors Needed!

Twin Cities Pickleball Club wants to assist new players interested in learning to play Pickleball. We will be working in conjunction with several communities to conduct “Introduction to Pickleball” learning sessions.

We need volunteers to help conduct the sessions. The commitment would be for one evening or afternoon for 90 minutes a week for 4 weeks. (dates to be determined). We hope to have multiple instructors so if you have vacation plans others can fill in.

The location will in the southwestern suburbs, and you can pick your site from several different community courts. We are still in the process of securing sites to host the lessons.

To assist with your instruction, there will be one 90 minute “Teach the Teachers” seminar where we provide you with tips for successful instruction, suggested curricula for your 4 sessions and equipment to use with your beginners.

Teaching new players is fun and it really helps your game as well. Come and

join us as we spread the joy of Pickleball in our community!

Please contact us if you have questions.


or Sue Martell

Add your name and contact information to the sheet. A Google Doc is an easy way to gather

all the information at once (not multiple emails). It automatically saves when new data is

added. We will then contact you when we have scheduled the day & time of the clinic. It will also help us determine what locations are preferred so we can begin to secure



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