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Join a PB Squad and get your DUPR On

Would you like to have your very own Pickleball group? MyPBLife is making this possible through a new program called the "Pickleball Squad". This program will put you into a group of 6-8 players with similar skillsets, who also live and play near. All of the games you play with your PB Squad can help you develop your DUPR. . (More details about DUPR) The 1st PB Squad sessions starts on Sep 12, 2022 and goes for 6 weeks. As we increase participants, we can eventually have PB Squads specific to gender, age range or similar interests! You can also request to be grouped together if your skillsets are similar. We will host zoom meetings to answer any questions about this new program and DUPR. We will also have a kick off Zoom event so you can meet your PB Squad and your PB Squad Coordinator(PSC).

10 Reasons why you want join a PB Squad:

  1. Because it's FREE and FUN and super DUPR!

  2. You get to meet new people who live close by with similar Pickleball skills!

  3. You get your very own group to schedule weekly game nights/times at your nearby courts

  4. You can meet anytime to practice drills or just play. All you need is 2 or more people! 

  5. We can help you setup your DUPR account and join the PB Squads Club on

  6. All of your games with your PB Squad can be submitted to develop your DUPR

  7. You will learn where you really fall on the Pickleball Rating Spectrum!

  8. You can request to be grouped together in a PB Squad

  9. If your skill level increases, you can join another PB Squad with a higher rating

  10. Your PB Squad will be able to easily communicate, view availability, schedule games and submit your scores on   

Registration Link

More Details go to



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