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Indoor Pickleball at Champions Hall via Online Reservations Resumes

Twin Cities Pickleball Club at Champions Hall will resume on December 30th through March 31, 2021. In order to provide the safest approach to indoor play, we will be opening only to groups of up to 6 players to make a reservation for court time. No Open Play. See Covid-19 Protocols below.

Courts are available in 2 hour time appointments for $25 per appointment. Appointments are:

  • Weekdays: 10 to Noon, Noon to 2pm

Further, we will NOT be staffing a welcome desk with volunteers. Each group playing will be responsible for finding their own court, setting up nets or taking nets down if needed, and leaving the court on time when the next group arrives. (See Player Responsibilities below)

To reserve your court time, we implemented an online reservation system. You can RESERVE HERE. Links are also on the TCPC Home and Places for Play pages. See Reservation Guide below for more details.


Player Responsibilities:

  • To keep costs down, players are responsible for setting up pickleball nets at the start of their court time. Nets are in a box to the left of the door just outside the gym. The box will be labeled NETS. Court use and net access is provided to you on the HONOR SYSTEM and the lock code will be provided in your confirmation email.

  • You must vacate the court immediately at the end of your court time.

  • IF no players are waiting for your court upon conclusion of your court time, you are responsible for taking down the net and returning it to the storage box.

  • Lights will be turned on automatically 10 minutes before the first court time of the day and off automatically 10 minutes after the last court time of the day.

  • Please bring your confirmation Email in case of confusion over your reservation

  • Problems? Questions? Contact:

    • TD: 952-688-8809

    • Tom Gleason: 952-846-8110

Cancellation Policy:

Please be aware that all reservations ARE FINAL. If you cannot make the time reserved, you are responsible for locating replacement players to recoup court time charges from them. IF you have a life event requiring you to cancel more than one court time reservation, contact TD or Tom and explain your need to cancel your block of reservations.

Safe Play Protocols for COVID-19:

Players reserving and entering this facility to play or observe pickleball assume all risk of infection and consequent complications.

  • Masks MUST BE WORN at all times in the building and when waiting to play. While on the court playing, you may remove your mask as you choose.

  • Play only with the invited players on your reserved court. Limit of 6 players per party per court.

  • Non-participants COUNT towards the capacity allowed and are discouraged from attending.

  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer and use it between games.

  • Individuals must maintain a six foot separation while waiting to play and inside Champions Hall.

  • Avoid prolonged periods of contact within 6 feet during play. No need for paddle tapping or other close contact conversations while unmasked.

  • IF YOU ARE SHOWING SYMPTOMS, fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, or other symptoms, DO NOT ENTER AND WATCH OR PLAY

  • IF YOU ARE AWARE OF AN EXPOSURE TO COVID-19 after playing, please contact TD or Tom so that we can contract trace other potentially exposed individuals.

Reservation System Guide:

To use the system, press the RESERVE NOW button, found on the Home and Places to Play pages and follow these steps:

  • Ignore the Service and Employee boxes at the top.

  • Select the day that you wish to play

  • Scroll down below the calendar and select the time available when you wish to play on that day. If no appointments appear, all have been reserved.

  • Enter your name, email and phone number (will be used to send confirmation and reminder messages) If you want a reminder SMS check that box.

  • Press Save Booking

  • PayPal and credit card payment options will appear. Select the option you wish. DO NOT select Pay Later, as that will set up a payment plan in PayPal. [Note: If you change your mind about payment option, you will need to cancel and restart your reservation]

  • If you want to add a calendar entry select the calendar that works for you.

  • If you want to reserve a second time, press the Make Another Booking button.

  • Option: You can create an account on our reservation system. This will keep all your court time reservations for you to review. Press Log In on the confirmation screen, right top corner then select create an account.

  • Done!



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