A Pickleball poem to start your New Year off right!

A Pickleball Poem

By Karen L Sperl

December 23, 2020

Pickleball’s addicting and it’s easy to see why.

A game for young and old alike,

Why not give it a try!

Some simple tips for one to keep in mind for every game.

The players and the shots may change.

The tips remain the same.

Keeping score is very easy once explained to you.

Before you know it you’ll be saying,

“The score is 4-2-2.”

Get your serve in “the box.” Each player finds a way

To serve with his or her own style —

Consistent day to day.

When your partner serves the ball, stay back behind the line.

So when the ball’s returned to you

Your shot will be so fine.

Move with your partner to the net so you don’t leave a hole.

Cuz if you are in “No Man’s Land"

It’s sure to take a toll.

Keep your eye upon the ball to get hits high and low.

Helps one hit strategic shots

Cuz missing is a blow.

The difficulty hitting what is called the “Third Shot Drop,”

Should not keep one from trying.

So keep practicing; don’t stop.

When watching pros play the game, finesse is in the dink.

Back and forth, kitty corner,

It’s over in a blink!