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Pickleball Ladders in Twin Cities Southside

Southwest Ladder starting July 5

Southeast Ladder starting July 12

Register as an individual, you will not need to register with a doubles partner.

You will be assigned to a group of 4 or 5 players each week. Each week, the groups may shift or change. This will be a great way to meet others in your area at a similar skill level! Here's a link to help you determine your skill level: Definitions for Skill Levels

How It Works for both Ladders - Please Read Thoroughly!

  1. Once you are assigned a group, the group communicator will text everyone in the group to decide time and where to play.

  2. If your group has 4 people, you will play 3 games. Each player teams up with the other 3 players, which will result in 3 games.

  3. If your group has 5 people, you will play 4 games(each with a different partner) and sit out 1 game, which results in a total of 5 games for the group. 

  4. Each player will have a total score (sum up the scores from all 3 or 4 games, whether you win or lose)

  5. Games will end when a team reaches 11 points. You do not need to win by 2 points. 

  6. Each week, the total scores for each player will need to be submitted online (link will be provided)


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