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Pickleball Coaches/Instructors in Twin Cities

David Dutrieuille
Minneapolis Metro

Notes: An athlete for Team Third Shot Drop Custom Paddles; Pickleball Coordinator and Instructor at Lifetime Fitness Bloomington South.

Rachael Kroog
Twin Cities Metro

Notes: Double certified in IPTPA and PPR. Multi State, National and Huntsman World Games Champion

Kris Paul
Edina, Twin Cities Metro


Notes: PPR Pro - Adult Beg/Int, IPTPA - Level 1, PCI member. Flexible hours throughout the Twin Cities Metro

Hector Sztainer
St. Louis Park-Edina-Richfield

Notes: IPTPA Level 1 instructor

Tim Laurent
Twin Cities Metro

Notes: Certified Instructor through Pickleball Coaching International.

Provides private lessons, group clinics and coaching.

Karen Shenk
Chaska, Chanhassen, Victoria
Western Suburbs


Notes: IPTPA Level 1 instructor, IFP Intermediate Plus, USAPA 4.0 rating

Paul Murray 
Western Suburbs, Willing to Travel

Notes: Western metro, but willing to travel. Lead Pickleball Instructor at Orono Activities Center (OAC). 25 years experience teaching tennis and pickle in Florida, Cape Cod, Alaska, and now back in his home state of MN!

Linda Kauss
Twin Cities Metro


Dawn Ohnstad

Notes: Beginner/Intermediate, Private, 3+Me, Group Drills, Strategies. IPTPA Certified. Regional Championships Gold Medalist

Rebecca Reich
Twin Cities Metro

Notes: IPTPA Certified

David Paulson
Western Suburbs

Notes: Instructor, Official

Focus on full court, skinny singles, tactics and strategies for winning

If you have any updates are would like to be added to this list, let us know using form below!

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